Through our passion for hairdressing, we commit to providing warm welcomes, beautiful hair, and a promise to never stop learning. When it comes to hair, Haircut 101 strives to give our clients more than just a new style.

We offer sustainable products, a friendly environment, and positive attitudes because, despite 30 years of trims, our salon aims for growth.

“To me, it is only 'success' if people around you are successful also,” Mena said. “Helping people to create their own success and giving them the tools to buy cars, homes, support their families – that is success to me. You want to give employees the tools to better themselves and create an environment for success for everyone. Haircut 101 is not just me. It is everyone who works here, and who has ever worked here. A lot of my former employees have gone on to open up their own salons, and to me, that is success.”

-John Mena, Owner

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174 South Depot Street

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