Senior Stylist

Hometown: Boone, NC


Why Hairdressing? "I took cosmetology classes at Watauga High School. I love creativity and making people feel great about themselves."


Why Boone? "I moved to Boone in 7th grade, been here ever since. It's a beautiful place."


Styling Approach: "Always listen and ask questions. I love making people feel good about the way they look, even if it’s just a trim or blowout, you get a nice, refreshed feeling."


What I love about working at Haircut 101: "I love the fact that it is a local salon, the hip atmosphere, and the people I’ve had the pleasure to work with."


Favorite Product: Davines VOLU Mist, Shine Wax


Unique Quirk: "I stick my tongue out when I concentrate."